Tap Tool and Tap Tool Pro updated

As of today, version 1.2 of these apps are on the App Store. They’ve been updated for iPhone X, and there’s new functionality, including a really useful Pause button, and a display of the number of repeats, and a live time shown when you are tapping. Get the new version now!

Total Solar Eclipse USA – August 21st 2017

I’ll be ready and waiting in Oregon state for what will be my second total solar eclipse – my first one was on August 11th 1999


Even if you aren’t able to see the eclipse, it’s a really interesting and beautiful event to find out more about. Maybe with the many months you have left you could look at Time and Date’s website to see when future eclipses are around the world, and you might just plan to see one sometime. I’ll post pictures of the event here when it happens!